Spiritualized: The Complete Works Volume One


Genre: Melancholic - Ossie


Version 1
  1. Anyway that you want me
  2. Step into the breeze (Part 1)
  3. Feel so sad (7" Single version)
  4. Feel so sad (Rhapsodies)
  5. Feel so sad (Glides and chimes)
  6. Run (Single version)
  7. Luminescence (Stay with me)
  8. I want you ('Feel so sad' 7" B-side version)
  9. Effervescent (Chimes)
  10. Why don't you smile now
  11. Sway
  12. 100 bars (Accappella)
  13. I want you ('Run' B-side version)
  14. You know it's true (Instrumental)
  15. Medication (From 'Mediaction' EP)
  16. Smiles ('Medication' promo single version)
  17. Angel sigh (From 'Medication' EP)
  18. Feel so sad (From 'Medication' EP)
  19. Good dope/Good fun (From Greenpeace 7" single)
  20. Lay back in the sun ('Electric mainline' EP version)
  21. Good times ('Electric mainline' EP version)
  22. Electric mainline (Part 1)
  23. Electric mainline (Part 2)
  24. 100 bars (Flashback)
Version 2
  1. Anyway That You Want Me
  2. Step into the Breeze, Pt. 1
  3. Feel So Sad [7 Single Version]
  4. Feel So Sad [Rhapsodies]
  5. Feel So Sad [Glides and Chimes]
  6. Run [Single Version]
  7. Luminescence (Stay With Me)
  8. I Want You ['Feel So Sad' 7 B-Side Version]
  9. Effervescent (Chimes)
  10. Why Don't You Smile Now
  11. Sway
  12. 100 Bars [Accappella]
  13. I Want You ['Run' B-Side Version]
  14. You Know It's True [instrumental]
  15. Medication
  16. Smiles ['Medication' Promo Single Version]
  17. Angel Sigh
  18. Feel So Sad
  19. Good Dope/Good Fun
  20. Lay Back in the Sun ['Electric Mainline' EP Version]
  21. Good Times ['Electric Mainline' EP Version]
  22. Electric Mainline, Pt. 1
  23. Electric Mainline, Pt. 2
  24. 100 Bars (Flashback)

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