Bachman-Turner Overdrive: The Anthology


Version 1
  1. The letter
  2. I think you better slow down/Slow down boogie
  3. Hold back the water
  4. Blue collar
  5. Gimme your money please
  6. Stayed awake all night [unreleased version]
  7. Thank you for the feelin'
  8. Takin' care of business
  9. Give it time
  10. Welcome home
  11. Let it ride
  12. Free wheelin' [quad mix]
  13. Sledgehammer
  14. Blue moanin'
  15. You ain't seen nothing yet
  16. Not fragile [quad mix]
  17. Rock is my life, and this is my song [quad mix]
  18. Roll on down the highway
  19. Four wheel drive
  20. Hey you
  21. Flat broke love [quad mix]
  22. Don't let the blues get you down
  23. Find out about love
  24. It's over
  25. Take it like a man
  26. Lookin' out for #1
  27. Down to the line
  28. Don't get yourself in trouble [live version]
  29. Shotgun rider
  30. I'm in love
  31. Heartaches

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