White Zombie: Astro-Junkies: 1995


Tracks 1-6: Recorded live at the Donington Festival, UK on August 26th, 1995. Tracks 7-12: Recorded live at the Bizarre Festival in Cologne, Germany on August 19th, 1995. Tracks 13-16: Recorded live at the Palladium in Hollywood, CA in 1992. - A new level


Version 1
  1. Electric head pt. 1 (the agony) (Donington)
  2. Super-charger heaven (Donington)
  3. Real solution# 9 (Donington)
  4. More human than human (Donington)
  5. Electric head pt. 2 (the ecstasy) (Donington)
  6. Thunder kiss ''65 (Donington)
  7. Super-charger heaven (Cologne)
  8. Real solution# 9 (Cologne)
  9. Welcome to planet motherfucker/Psychoholic slag (Cologne)
  10. Electric head pt. 2 (the ecstasy) (Cologne)
  11. More human than human (Cologne)
  12. Thunder kiss ''65 (Cologne)
  13. Grindhouse (a go-go) (Hollywood)
  14. Cosmic monsters inc. (Hollywood)
  15. Spider baby (yeah-yeah-yeah) (Hollywood)
  16. I am legend (Hollywood)

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