astral doors: of the son and the father


Astral Doors are viewed by many as Sweden's answer to Dio & Rainbow and vocalist Patrik Johansson sounds very much as a modern day Ronnie James Dio - even though the latter possesses a more varied and dynamic quality to his voice. That said, Johansson is one hell of a singer in his own right and without doubt one of the best in Sweden at present. The musical similarities to Dio/Rainbow are further heightened by the frequent use of the hammond, almost consistently accompanying the driving rhythm guitars throughout this album. Astral Doors differs from Dio/Rainbow in one aspect though - they are nowhere near as epic. Just take a look at the song list of this album (or all the other Astral Doors albums for that matter) and you'll realize that Astral Doors focuses heavily on many short songs and unfortunately, many of them sound too much alike. For this band to really reach the heavens, I wish they would start writing longer epic numbers, allowing more space for the talents within the band to flourish. As it is now, they pack every song full of too much of the same ingredients which somewhat tires the listener after a few songs. There are definitely some very good songs on this album and album opener "Cloudbreaker" is nothing short of fantastic in its up tempo drive and catchy melodies. All in all, Astral Doors' debut album is still the best album they have recorded and well worth checking out if you're into melodic hard rock/heavy metal. - defender666

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Version 1
  1. Cloudbreaker
  2. Of the Son and the Father
  3. Hungry People
  4. Slay the Dragon
  5. Ocean of Sand
  6. In Prison for Life
  7. The Trojan Horse
  8. Burn Down the Wheel
  9. Night of the Witch
  10. Rainbow in Your Mind
  11. Man on the Rock
Version 2
  1. Cloudbreaker
  2. Of The Son And The Father
  3. Hungry People
  4. Slay The Dragon
  5. Ocean Of Sand
  6. In Prison For Life
  7. The Trojan Horse
  8. Burn Down The Wheel
  9. Night Of The Witch
  10. Rainbow In Your Mind
  11. Man On The Rock

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