King Diamond: Them / Conspiracy


Version 1
  1. Out from the asylum
  2. Welcome home
  3. The invisible guests
  4. Tea
  5. Mother getting weaker
  6. Bye, bye missy
  7. A broken spell
  8. The accusation chair
  9. "Them"
  10. Twilight symphony
  11. Coming home
  12. Phone call
  13. The invisible guests (Rehearsel)
  14. Bye, bye missy (Rehearsel)
  15. At the graves
  16. Sleepless nights
  17. Lies
  18. A visit from the dead
  19. The wedding dream
  20. "Amon" belongs to "Them"
  21. Something weird
  22. Victimized
  23. Let it be done
  24. Cremation
  25. At the graves (Alternate Mix)
  26. Cremation (Live Show Mix)
Version 2
  1. "Them": Out From the Asylum
  2. "Them": Welcome Home
  3. "Them": The Invisible Guests
  4. "Them": Tea
  5. "Them": Mother´s Getting Weaker
  6. "Them": Bye, Bye Missy
  7. "Them": A Broken Spell
  8. "Them": The Accusation Chair
  9. "Them": "Them"
  10. "Them": Twilight Symphony
  11. "Them": Coming Home
  12. "Them": Phone Call
  13. "Them": The Invisible Guests (Rehearsal)
  14. "Them": Bye, Bye Missy (Rehearsal)
  15. Conspiracy: At the Graves
  16. Conspiracy: Sleepless Nights
  17. Conspiracy: Lies
  18. Conspiracy: A Visit From the Dead
  19. Conspiracy: The Wedding Dream
  20. Conspiracy: "Amon" Belongs to "Them"
  21. Conspiracy: Something Weird
  22. Conspiracy: Victimized
  23. Conspiracy: Let It Be Done
  24. Conspiracy: Cremation
  25. Conspiracy: At the Graves (Alternate mix)
  26. Conspiracy: Cremation (Live Show mix)

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