Astral Doors: Evil Is Forever


En av dom sämsta uppföljarna någonsin!!! - Dalle

The follow up to 2003's "Of The Son And The Father" pretty much follows in the footsteps of its predecessor. Heavily influenced by Dio/Rainbow/Tony Martin-era Black Sabbath and flawlessly executed is presented here and once again, Nils Patrik Johansson does a great job behind the mic and many of the songs contained here are of an enough high quality to keep me nodding on approvingly. Overall, it's a weaker album than the debut and the problem areas still remain: the songs are too short and too many, leaving no space for the underlying epic qualities that I sense are there but not allowed to come out. It is as if the band is concentrating too hard to try and make each song a superhit when they should be going for a more inaccessible sound instead. Still, an absolutely more than OK album with a nice looking cover art. - defender666

signerad - Metal Asylum


Version 1
  1. Bride Of Christ
  2. Time To Rock
  3. Evil Is Forever
  4. Lionheart
  5. Praise The Bones
  6. Pull The Break
  7. Fear In Their Eyes
  8. Stalingrad
  9. From The Cradle To The Grave
  10. The Flame
  11. Path To Delirium

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