Whiskeytown: Faithless street


Remastered version, med bonus tracks og alternativt cover - spiritditch

...Whiskeytown writes good songs, the kind you might actually find yourself singing. When they aren't pushing the cornpone...their garage-country has the warm glow of familiarity... Option (11-12/97, p.138)

Included in Q's "Best Alt.Country Albums Of All Time" - "...The last great alt.country album. Q (9/00, p.135)

- HighFidelity


Version 1
  1. Midway Park
  2. Drank Like a River
  3. Too Drunk to Dream
  4. Tennessee Square
  5. What My Seem Like Love
  6. Faithless Street
  7. Mining Town
  8. If He Can't Have You
  9. Black Arrow, Bleeding Heart
  10. Matrimony
  11. Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart Tonight
  12. Desperate Ain't Lonely
  13. Hard Luck Story
  14. Top Dollar
  15. Lo-Fi Tennessee Mountian Angel
  16. Revenge
  17. Empty Baseball Park
  18. Here's to the Rest of the World
  19. 16 Days
  20. Yesterday's News
  21. Factory Girl

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