Per Gessle: Son of a plumber


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Version 1
  1. Drowning in Wonderful Thoughts About Her
  2. Jo-Anna Says
  3. I Have a Party in My Head (I Hope It Never Ends)
  4. C''mon
  5. Week With Four Thursdays
  6. Hey Mr. DJ (Won''t You Play Another Love Song)
  7. THE JUNIOR SUITE: Are You an Old Hippie, Sir?
  8. Double-Headed Elvis
  9. Something in the System
  10. Speed Boat to Cuba
  11. Come Back Tomorrow (and We Do It Again)
  12. Ronnie Lane
  13. Late, Later On
  14. Kurt - the Fastest Plumber in the West
  15. I Never Quite Got Over The Fact That The Beatles Broke Up
  16. Substitute (for the Real Deal)
  17. Waltz for Woody
  18. Carousel
  19. I Like It Like That
  20. Keep the Radio On (This Is the Perfect Song)
  21. Something Happened Today
  22. Brilliant Career
  23. Drowning in Wonderful Thoughts About Her (reprise)
  24. Making Love of Expecting Rain

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