bright eyes: a collection of songs recorded 1995-1997


Version 1
  1. The Invisible Gardener
  2. Patient Hope in New Snow
  3. Saturday as Usual
  4. Falling out of Love at this volume
  5. Exaltation on a cool, kitchen floor
  6. The awful sweetness of escaping sweat
  7. Puella quam amo est pulchra
  8. Driving fast through a big city at night
  9. How many lights do you see?
  10. I watched you taking off
  11. a celebration upon completion
  12. Emily, sing something sweet
  13. All of the Truth
  14. One straw (please)
  15. Lila
  16. A few minutes on friday
  17. Supriya
  18. Solid Jackson
  19. Feb. 15th
  20. The 'feel good' revolution

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