Sleepy John Estes: The Blues - From Memphis To Chicago 1929-1941


Version 1
  1. Broken-Hearted, Ragged and Dirty Too
  2. The Girl I Love She Got Long Curly Hair
  3. Divin'' Duck Blues
  4. Milk Cow Blues
  5. Poor John Blues
  6. Stack O''Dollars
  7. My Black Gal Blues
  8. Down South Blues
  9. Stop That Thing
  10. Someday Baby Blues
  11. Who''s Telling You Buddy Brown?
  12. Married Woman Blues
  13. Drop Down Mama
  14. Government Money
  15. Vernita Blues
  16. Floating Bridge
  17. Need More Blues
  18. Jack and Jill Blues
  19. Poor Man''s Friend (T Model)
  20. Hobo Jungle Blues
  21. Airplane Blues
  22. Everybody Ought to Make a Change
  23. Liquor Store Blues
  24. Easin'' Back to Tennessee
  25. Fire Department Blues
  26. Clean It Up at Home
  27. New Someday Blues
  28. Brownsville Blues
  29. Special Agent
  30. Mailman Blues
  31. Time Is Drawing Near
  32. Jailhouse Blues
  33. Tell Me How About It
  34. Drop Down
  35. Lawyer Clark Blues
  36. Working Man Blues

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