Mötley Crüe: Music To Crash Your Car To - Volume 1


Deluxe Packaging w/Booklet - Lodger


Version 1
  1. Live Wire (Leathür Original Mix)
  2. Public Enemy #1 (Leathür Original Mix)
  3. Take Me To The Top (Leathür Original Mix)
  4. Merry-Go-Round (Leathür Original Mix)
  5. Piece Of Your Action (Leathür Original Mix)
  6. Starry Eyes (Leathür Original Mix)
  7. Stick To Your Guns (Leathür Original Mix)
  8. Come On And Dance (Leathür Original Mix)
  9. Too Fast For Love (Leathür Original Mix)
  10. On With The Show (Leathür Original Mix)
  11. Live Wire
  12. Come On And Dance
  13. Public Enemy #1
  14. Merry-Go-Round
  15. Take Me To The Top
  16. Piece Of Your Action
  17. Starry Eyes
  18. Too Fast For Love
  19. On With The Show
  20. Toast Of The Town
  21. Tonight
  22. Too Fast For Love (Alternate Intro)
  23. Merry-Go-Round (Live)
  24. In The Beginning
  25. Shout At The Devil
  26. Looks That Kill
  27. Bastard
  28. God Bless The Children Of The Beast
  29. Helter Skelter
  30. Red Hot
  31. Too Young To Fall In Love
  32. Knock ''em Dead Kid
  33. Ten Seconds To Love
  34. Danger
  35. Shout At The Devil (Demo)
  36. Looks That Kill (Demo)
  37. Hotter Than Hell (Demo)
  38. I Will Survive
  39. Too Young To Fall In Love (Demo)
  40. City Boy Blues
  41. Smokin'' In The Boys Room
  42. Louder Than Hell
  43. Keep Your Eye On The Money
  44. Home Sweet Home
  45. Tonight (We Need A Lover)
  46. Use It Or Lose It
  47. Save Our Souls
  48. Raise Your Hands To Rock
  49. Fight For Your Rights
  50. Home Sweet Home (Demo)
  51. Smokin'' In The Boys Room (Alternate Guitar Solo-Rough Mix)
  52. City Boy Blues (Demo)
  53. Home Sweet Home (Instrumental Rough Mix)
  54. Keep Your Eye On The Money (Demo)
  55. Tommy''s Drum Piece From Cherokee Studios
  56. Wild Side
  57. Girls, Girls, Girls
  58. Dancing On Glass
  59. Bad Boy Boogie
  60. None
  61. Five Years Dead
  62. All In The Name Of...
  63. Sumthin'' For Nuthin''
  64. You''re All I Need
  65. Jailhouse Rock (Live)
  66. Girls, Girls, Girls (Tom Werman And Band Intro-Rough Mix Of Instrumental Track)
  67. Wild Side (Instrumental Rough Mix)
  68. Rodeo
  69. Nona (Instrumental Demo Idea)
  70. All In The Name Of... (Live)

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