Townes Van Zandt: Drama Falls Like Teardrops


Version 1
  1. For the Sake of the Song
  2. Tecumseh Valley
  3. Many a Fine Lady
  4. Waiting Around to Die
  5. I'll Be There in the Morning
  6. Sad Cinderella
  7. Be Here to Love Me
  8. Kathleen
  9. Our Mother the Mountain
  10. Saint John the Gambler
  11. Snake Mountain Blues
  12. Why She's Acting This Way
  13. Colorado Girl
  14. None But the Rain
  15. FFV
  16. Delta Mama Blues
  17. Turnstyled, Junkpiled
  18. Brand New Companion
  19. Only Him or Me
  20. You Are Not Needed Now
  21. Highway Kind
  22. To Live Is to Fly
  23. No Deal
  24. Mr Gold and Mr Mud
  25. High, Low and in Between
  26. No Lonesome Tune
  27. Don't Let the Sunshine Fool You
  28. Honky Tonkin'
  29. Frauelin
  30. Pancho and Lefty
  31. If I Needed You
  32. Don't You Take It Too Bad [live]
  33. White Freight Liner Blues [live]
  34. No Place to Fall [live]
  35. Cocaine Blues [live]
  36. She Came and She Touched Me [live]

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