Rob Zombie: American Made Music to Strip By


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Booklet Condition: Good/mint condition, minor tares (from general use and inevitable aging/weather conidtions).

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Version 1
  1. Dragula
  2. Living dead girl
  3. Superbeast
  4. Meet the Creeper
  5. How to make a monster
  6. Spookshow baby
  7. What lurks on channel X?
  8. Demonoid Phenomenon
  9. Return of the Phantom Stranger
  10. The ballad of Resurrection Joe and Rosa Whore
Version 2
  1. Dragula (si non oscillas, noli tintinnare mix by Charlie clouser)
  2. Superbeast (porno holocaust mix by Praga khan & Oliver adams)
  3. How to make a monster (Kitty''s purrrrformance mix by God lives underwater)
  4. Living dead girl (subliminal seduction mix by Charlie clouser)
  5. Spookshow baby (black leather cat suit mix by Rammstein)
  6. Demonoid phenomenom (sin lives mix by Poly 915)
  7. The ballad of resurrection Joe and Rosa whore (ilsa she-wolf of hollywood mix by Phillip steir)
  8. What lurks on channel x? (xxx mix by Spacetruckers)
  9. Meet the creeper (pink pussy mix by Steve duda)
  10. Return of the phantom stranger (tuesday night at the chop shop mix by Chris vrenna)
  11. Superbeast (girl on a motorcycle mix by Charlie clouser)
  12. Meet the creeper (brute man & wonder girl mix by Dj lethal)

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