Fiona Apple: Tidal


Fiona Apple. Hon har den vackraste röst jag hört i mitt liv. Gåshuds-mörk och kraftfull, men samtidigt full av smärta och skörhet. Och hennes texter är smärtsamt pricksäkra. På den här skivan är hon traditionell torch-sångerska med en twist. Då jag är full av självömkan lyssnar jag på Never Is A Promise. Är jag förbannad lyssnar jag på Sleep To Dream. Och alltid,alltid lyssnar jag på Slow Like Honey. En av de mest vördade skivorna i min samling. - Levolia

Comes with two two-sided inserts and a lyrics booklet.

According to one strain of folklore surrounding the record, Fiona insisted that the name, Tidal, was taken in part because of its phonetic proximity to the funny emptiness of “Title.” But given the wild power of the thing that had come out her, she must have known this magnetism needed proper naming. What primeval force is more fitting than the tides to preside over such a magnificent airing out of wounds? Nothing is quite solid on Tidal anyway, and despite the ferocity, it is always a peaceful album, like the lapping of waves. The hypnotizing pull of these highs and lows make Tidal even easier to sink into; it is a record that swells and rages on an instinctual level. It remains one of the most important artistic distillations of female trauma because of the way she harnesses her pain, transforming it into a quiet source of power. - Greger


Version 1
  1. Sleep to Dream
  2. Sullen Girl
  3. Shadowboxer
  4. Criminal
  5. Slow Like Honey
  6. The First Taste
  7. Never Is a Promise
  8. The Child Is Gone
  9. Pale September
  10. Carrion

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